Educating people worldwide about existential and humanistic psychologies in a manner fitting their cultural context and compatible with indigenous practices.

Zhi Mian is a common word in China that has no easy English translation. What is most commonly accepted is “face directly.” ZMIIEHP takes this to mean facing the world, onself and others directly with courage. Lu Xun, a literary giant in China, is often considered to be the father of such an approach to life. He writes about coming into a town that resembles a ghost town. Upon searching the town he finds all the residents asleep and imprisoned inside their homes. He asks himself, “What am I to do? Do I let these people sleep in ignorance–or, do I wake them, knowing that I may be doing little more than showing them their prisons?” Lu Xun wakes them up, to face their suffering and the chance to transcend it. Xuefu Wang, PhD has taken the works of Lu Xun and developed an indigenous approach to psychotherapy in China called the Zhi Mian approach. Zhi Mian teaches one to face suffering directly and transform that suffering through the discovery or construction of one’s personal meaning.

At ZMIIEHP we provide an international home for mental health professionals, students and trainees, and scholars across the world that are interested in international dialogue and training in existential and humanistic psychologies.

Proud Sponsor of the Fourth International Conference on Existential Psychology in Beijing, China, May 27-29, 2016 (Website: icep.iiehp.org)

ZMIIEHP Endorses the Open Letter to the DSM-5 Task Force!
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