Monthly Archives: June 2014

I See You

You are here at an important moment in time.
Silence holds the feelings unspoken.
Silence, gaze, emotion, and wonder
I see you.

What are you thinking?
What are you feeling?
You are human.
I see you.

I feel your anxiety.
I feel you stir.
There it is, a shift.
I see you.

You feel helpless.
You wish for movement.
You desire change.
I see you.

You hide behind your defenses.
Connection desired,
But you cannot move.
I see you.

Your fear blinds you
Your words, empty
Your actions misguided
I see you.

How long will we dance?
How long before you see
We are much closer than you know.
I see you.

Will you bare your soul
And allow me to touch you?
Will you allow me to stir growth?
I see you.
Your burdens are heavy,
And you grow weary with time.
You are unaware.
I see you.

If only you could see the source of discomfort.
If only you could allow yourself to experience connection.
Change, growth, and progress would cease to be merely words.
I see you.

You do as you are told
As you travel the path of redundancy.
When will you see
I see you?

Transparent barriers to keep you safe
Disbelief in my ability to touch you
So much potential
I see you.

Do you have the courage
To lay it all down?
How it could be so different
If you could just see me.

I am your client,
And I see you.

Michael Moats