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  1. 非常感谢杨老师和Louis的分享,已经下载了Louis的文章进行阅读,正在慢慢消化中,也看到了相关的人本存在参考书目,最后感谢杨老师细心的颜色标注。不知道Louis关于人性方面看法的文章是否也会分享呢?谢谢!

    1. That is wonderful Joan that you’ve downloaded the English article and the bibliography. Its’ encouraging for me to know that students are accessing these resources. I just uploaded two more of Louis Hoffman’s articles on the Psychology of Evil for your learning.

  2. Received the two Louis’s articles tonight.Thank you for Mark and Hoffman’s sharing.It’s amazing that your feedback is so quickly. I was impressed about Monica and Hoffman’s sharing and experience of collectivism and individualism culture today.The culture affect us everywhere and everytime,but most of us cannot aware it.

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