Faculty Introduction

Since its inception, IIEHP in addition to its five co-founders, including Mark Yang, Louis Hoffman, Jason Dias, Trent Claypool, and Michael Moats, has also included such valuable partners as Kirk Schneider (PsyD), a leading contemporary existential-humanistic psychologist with over 40 years of experience in the field, Ilene Serlin, a leading American clinical psychologist and registered dance therapist, Todd Dubose, a leading figure in the field of Existential Phenomenological psychology, and many other international professionals and leaders in the field of existential-humanistic psychology.  They are colleagues, disciples, and students of the founding figures of existential-humanistic psychology, such as Rollo May, Carl Rogers and James Bugental, and together are heirs of existential-humanist psychology.

A number of faculty members were on faculty at Saybrook University (founded by the founders of American humanistic psychology and the cradle of its development), and some have served as past presidents of the American Psychological Association, secretary-general of the Humanistic Psychology Section, and other positions. One of them, Dr. Kirk Schneider, is the collaborator and successor of Rollo May, the master of existential psychology, and editor and publisher of Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy, Existential Psychology, and other works.

Through multiple collaborations, IIEHP aims to promote the research, practice and training of existential-humanistic psychology in China, and is committed to training a group of genuine existential psychology research and therapy teams in China. This training began in 2014 with the initial batch of students comprising of mental health-education-counselors, various levels of school psychologists, counselors working in the hospital setting, public prosecutors and justice department psychological correction and diversion workers, community psychological counseling-mental health education workers, corporate human resource managers, community workers, etc.

After years of development, IIEHP has seeded students in numerous provinces of China, and introduced Existential-Humanistic Psychology in numerous industries such as health care, education, corporate management, social work, and mental health communities. The Chinese faculty and small group leaders have studied existential-humanistic psychology theory and techniques with Dr. Mark Yang and other American existential-humanistic faculty for a number of years.  The Chinese faculty possess not only solid theoretical knowledge, but also rich clinical and teaching experience. The Existential-Humanistic philosophy and thinking is not only deeply embedded in their work, but also in their personal lives.


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