Training Mission and Philosophy

Over the years, through the tireless efforts of many pioneers, Existential-Humanistic Psychology has taken its place in the world of psychology as a third force that is increasingly influencing everyone’s life. The International Institute of Existential-Humanistic Psychology was founded with an emphasis on the Existential-Humanism, and thanks to its founders and faculty, all of whom were trained by Existential-Humanistic masters, the Institute exudes the passion of Existential-Humanism in both its academic and practical research.

The Institute not only focuses on international trainings in existential-humanistic psychology, but also on dialogue, integration, and indigenous practice, mainly through education, research, and training opportunities for scholars and helpers from different countries, with the aim of bringing existential-humanistic psychology to the cultures of different countries and regions, integrating it with clinical practice, and applying it to practice through cultural awareness and international dialogue. The aim is to apply existential-humanistic psychology to clinical practice, to help people who help others, people with the desire for personal growth around the world, and to benefit more people through cultural awareness and international dialogue.

At IIEHP, we provide an international platform for communication and interaction between experts, scholars, and enthusiasts of existential-humanistic psychology from around the world, as well as a place for learning and training.

 At IIEHP, we provide a platform for mental health professionals, students, and scholars who are interested in international exchange and training in existential-humanistic psychology to interact with each other.

IIEHP provides a home without borders for mental health professionals, students, trainees and scholars from around the world interested in international exchange and trainings in humanistic-existential psychology.


Collaborative Institutions within China

Since the establishment of the institute, in addition to actively providing lectures, training and organizing international exchange activities worldwide, IIEHP has also cooperated with many Chinese domestic psychological counseling professional institutions and universities, such as Wangshenxinyu, First Psychology, Simple Psychology, Zhongke Boai and China Agricultural University, to conduct training and promotion of Existential-Humanistic Psychology. For example, in 2016, IIEHP co-organized the workshop on the “Strong and Weak Therapy: Strength In Flexibility” in Existential-Humanistic Psychology with Wangshenxinyu.  In 2017, IIEHP cooperated with Simple Psychology to launch the Existential-Humanistic System Training Course (2 years), and in September 2017, IIEHP co-organized Existential-Humanistic Week with Zhongke Boai, inviting transpersonal psychologist Dr. Stanley Krippner to give a series of lectures on dream interpretation from an Existential-Humanistic perspective, etc.

International Trainings

In addition, Dr. Mark Yang, the Director of the IIIEHP has been active in the promotion and training of Existential-Humanistic Psychology in Southeast Asia, including supervising and teaching courses in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.
Introduction to Existential Psychotherapy:  How Confrontation with Existence Can Deepen Your Clinical Work
Singapore Workshop: June 3 & 4, 2013